Thursday, May 19, 2011

Expected Dearness Allowance from July, 2011

   Dearness Allowance has turned out to make great impact among Central Government employees..!
      As of now, it cannot be ruled out that the Dearness Allowance is making great impact on central and state government employees in large numbers.
We know that promotion, increment and allowances and its increases depends upon the individuals, as far as Dearness Allowance is concerned, it gives financial benefit to all grade of employees at the same time.
In March 2011, the Central Government announced an increase of 6% Dearness Allowance from Jan 2011. Now everybody keenly watch for the increase of Dearness Allowance from July, 2011.
    As all are aware that, Dearness Allowance is calculated as per the All India Consumer Price Index Numbers(AICPIN). The Government has released the price index for the last three months.

As per this, an increase from 51% to 55% is expected. It may be increased as we wait for the next three months calculation on Index prices. If it continues to be this, the Dearness Allowance may be 56% to 57%.
    If the Government successfully maintained the price increase and the AICPIN falls, the Dearness Allowance may be restricted to 54% or 55%.
      If the prices of petrol and diesel increases, automatically the price index also increase, in this condition the Dearness Allowance may be increased upto 57% to 58%.
Finally, we cannot come to a conclusion depending upon predictions. Everybody wants the Government makes strict actions to maintain the prices of essential commodities rather than increasing Dearness Allowance which in no way helps anyone.
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