Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Karnataka Circle, No.33, P&T Quarters, Rajajinagar
Ref: CC/AD/2013                               Date: 17.07.2013
The Chief Postmaster General,
Karnataka Circle,

Sub: Decentralisation of PLI work.
The decision of decentralization of PLI work among city divisions is again another blunder the administration we strongly oppose.  Neither PLI administration nor the circle administration is able to appreciate the ground realities and problems highlighted by the unions; demanding present system to continue both in the interest of our customers and the staff as well.  The administration is aware of its weaknesses but still adamant in implementing its decision whether fair or unfair. 

There are many issues where we differ from the ideology of the administration of Karnataka circle and the administration is also bent upon implementing them without pros and cons.  It will be fruitful if and only if the views of the staff side are taken in true spirits.  We have seen the recent wrong decisions of centralized parcel delivery, improper speed post delivery system – improper utilization of delivery staff, improper CBS work etc. 

Operative wing is constantly facing the problem of shortage of staff/manpower and now the decentralization is further adding to the present problems.  The circle administration is still not able to provide solutions to the growing unrest because of inadequate man power in Channapatna division. 

The insurance work is on increase in multi folds and like wise we need to improve our after sale service which is very important, not given due importance at all.  We are getting information about the inconveniences being faced at the divisions because of improper arrangements after the decision of decentralisation.  Again operative staff at HOs are the targets now we strongly oppose.  But it will be too bad in case of city divisions like metro Bangalore we are sure, oppose vehemently and therefore request you to stop the move in the best interest of customers.  Please have a relook with ground realities!

Report from all most all divisions is that divisions are facing many problems to render service without proper manpower and infrastructure.  We are still under the age old notion of SERVICE at any cost under any circumstance!  We forget time and again that we are in competition with private insurance and Couriers.  If our views are not heard properly WE WILL HAVE TO PAY A HEAVY PRICE FOR NOT MAKING PROPER DECISIONS.

Having conveyed much already through the respective AIPAOEU we request you to keep the order in abeyance, pending detailed discussion with staff side otherwise the staff would have no alternative to start agitation – the decision taken is being communicated herewith. 

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this communication immediately with intimation of nature of action.  Awaiting early response,

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

  Secretary, RJCM.

PS: We expect an urgent meeting on the above issue with staff side.

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