Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Postal workers protest against mass layoffs-at Warsaw,

 Over two thousand postal workers are expected to march through the streets of Warsaw, Wednesday, to protest against plans by Poczta Polska to shut down over 1,100 post offices, resulting in the loss of almost 5,000 jobs.

.Protestors are also cmampaigning against Poczta Polska’s plans to change some post offices into agencies, which would be found in small shops or petrol stations.

According to Pawel Jedrzejewski from the Solidarity trade union, the move is the worst solution possible, both for customers as well as postal workers.

Protestors have said that marches will not only take place in the capital, but also in Lublin, Torun and Krakow. (jb)

Source: IAR
Article published in on 16/03/2011

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